Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the MultiCubeUK family. After your application, please give up to 10 days for an email response before opening a ticket about it.
In game name *

Also add Previous name if you have changed it while being a part of our network
When were you born? *

What is your timezone? *

When did you start playing Modded Minecraft? *

How often do you play Minecraft? *

When did you start playing on our network? *

We require at least two weeks unless told otherwise.
How many hours a week do you spend on the network? *

What servers do you play on? (select all that apply) *

Please give a short explanation of why you wish to be a staff member for our servers. *

Do you have a microphone? *

Having and using a Microphone is required by all staff.
Have you ever been temp banned from a server? *

If you have been Banned please explain why

Are you, or have you been a staff on any other Minecraft servers? *

If you have been a staff for another server please explain which, and why you left.

Please tell us about yourself. *

Please tell us a bit about yourself and how you see yourself contributing to helping this network. Interests, past moderation, development and building experience, or other community or computer related experience is relevant. This is not the section you should cut short.
The answers I have given are true to the best of my abilities, and understand that lying on this could result in terminations if hired or not getting the position I am searching for. Anything discussed in our servers will be strictly kept within our servers *

Please agree or deny our terms and conditions to finalize your application.
I acknowledge anything discussed in meetings, interviews, or within the servers themselves are confidential and to be kept within our Multicube community, and not to be broadcast without express permission of the owner/'s *

Please agree or deny our terms and conditions to finalize your application.
I agree that if I am hired on I must adhere to the rules set before me by my leaders. I acknowledge that as a staff member it will be my job to be respectful to Other members of staff as well as players. *

Please accept or deny to finalize your application.
Thanks for your interest in our server, Please wait at least 1-2 full weeks before submitting a ticket regarding your Application!

Any attempt before waiting this period may result in throwing your application away!
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